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Welcome Dr. Ludke!

University Place Pediatric Clinic would like to welcome Dr. Alyssa Ludke. She will be a great addition to the clinic and this group of pediatricians, which has served the community since 1971.

Dr. Ludke is returning to the area as a former patient of the Clinic and Drs. Terry Torgenrud and John Hautala. She has fond memories of both physicians. Dr. Torgenrud, who was a founding father of this very clinic and practiced for 34 years here passed away on November 30, 2017 but inspired many and left behind a legacy that still lives on. Dr. Hautala, retired in June of 2019.

Returning as a Practicing Pediatrician in the very clinic that inspired her aspiration to become a doctor and help other children, is truly a childhood dream come true. Dr. Ludke stuck close to home when it came to her education, working her way toward her goals, starting a family, and finally moving back into the neighborhood. We hope she has found her forever home and continues to serve the patients and families of Fircrest and the greater surrounding area from which patients travel to come here.

The clinic is now scheduling appointments for as soon as 10/6/20, new AND established patients of Dr. DeBusschere, who recently moved to Ellensburg to be closer to family.

To learn more about Dr. Ludke and read her bio as well as learn more about all the physicians at UPPC, go to the Meet Our Physicians page on our website at

Megan Struthers, M.D., FAAP

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